Entrance Anno 1764

Entrance to the Orphanage with stone tablet referring to the Dame of Renswoude, 1764.

stone tablet

After major construction and refurbishment the Orphanage’s stone tablet was transferred to the rear entrance.

Why this website?

‘Amicitia’. The very name has many meanings for the people of The Hague. During its time the building has had many uses; mention its name and depending on the age and awareness of the person asked you will hear responses such as Orphanage, Meeting Rooms, Convent and Cinema, and they are all correct as Amicitia has in its time been all of these and many more.

In the 15th century a convent stood on the site now occupied by Amicitia in the street called Westeinde, in the centre of The Hague. The convent soon changed into an orphanage and hundreds of years later, and after substantial renovations, Amicitia is now . . .

. . . an apartment complex.

The building, situated on a sand dune formed 5,500 years ago, has a history that is so much more than the apartment complex it is today. That rich history, hidden behind the façade of this monument, deserves to be put on record digitally now in the 21st century.

That's why!